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The Alcohol Illusion by Craig Beck

atop drinking books

Only after several years of being free of this drug have I been able to see how it works, and the more I see the more I despise it. In my book “Alcohol Lied to me’ I make the grand claim that I am entirely comfortable around other drinkers. This, I now realize is only partly true and while being in the company of alcohol never makes me want to drink it, (in the same way I can open a tube of glue without wanting to stuff it up my nose - I see equal benefit to both drugs). I am increasingly uncomfortable watching my friends, family and loved ones using alcohol.

When I watch my mum drinking wine or my partner ‘relaxing’ in front of the television with a ‘nice glass of red’ I see what they cannot. The evil puppet master above their head with a twisted smile on his face, using his invisible string and ventriloquism to awkwardly control the person below. I hear the same brainwashed statements coming from all drinkers regardless of color, creed or sex. Challenges to the drug nearly always result in angry and offended pronouncements such as:

  • ‘What I am doing is normal, everyone drinks!’
  • ‘I can stop anytime I want’
  • ‘I am in total control; I will never have a problem’
  • ‘How dare you suggest I have a problem?’

    Drinkers get angry and upset when you challenge their drinking and they see this response as normal. Would they get so upset if I questioned their use of mayonnaise? I doubt it! Defending the drug is a clear sign that the virus has been implanted… you are addicted!

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